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Wholesale Blazers for ASI/PPAI Promotional Product Distributors, Uniform and Clothing Stores, College Bookstores & Embroiderers

augusta masters green blazer with embroidery



Blazers-R-Us prides itself on having the largest selection of colors of wholesale blazers for the embroidery trade.

Below is shown a free downloadable .pdf ready made poster - flyer made especially for embroiderers and ASI distributors that you can print and show your customers showing them how nicely they'd look in a custom embroidered blazer. This page can be used "as is" or you can add your stores name, address, phone #. Your choice.

While additional pages are being worked on, we'd like to suggest industries that can benefit from your custom embroidered blazers:

  • Schools
  • Country Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Security Guard companies
  • Church Ushers
  • Sales Staff
  • Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Fraternities
  • Sorities
  • Conventions
  • Corporations


Embroiderer's Wholesale Blazer Order Form

In terms of marketing, while it is true that everyone loves a new customer, your best or most likely source of business may be your existing customers. They've already seen your work and have a relationship with you. And you already have their digitized logo in house. Perhaps all they need is a sample blazer with their logo on it to sell them on the idea. Best of all, by purchasing the blazers wholesale, you profit both on the embroidery and on the blazer itself!

Other blazers from Blazers R Us include:

  • Basic blazers Black or Navy Blue $79.00
  • Special colors Blazers in 12 Colors: Maroon (burgundy),   Brown, Red, Hunter green (dark green), Kelly green (bright green) Orange, Gold, Camel, Royal Blue and Purple $79.00 
    White or Gray $89.00
  • Pink Blazers Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Blazers avaiable for both Men and Women. Perfect for Work or Play. Sorority favorite! $89.00
  • Augusta Green blazers $95.00
  • Wool blazers 100% Wool Men's Blazers in Navy Blue. Single or Double Breasted or 100% Wool Men's Black Single Breasted, $129.85
  • Children's blazers Boy's and Girls blazers in Navy for $79.00. Red, Maroon (Burgundy), Black or Hunter Green for $79.00
  • Custom blazers (Yellow or any other color you can think of...) $225.00

*Basic, Special and Designer colors are generally IN STOCK and can ship within 48 hours of order.
For Custom colors, please allow +/- 6 weeks for delivery.  

wholsale blazers


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