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One very interesting thing about this web page is that it is shrinking.

How so? Simple. As more and more blazer colors are being sold, colors that were once-upon-a-time available only as custom orders are now available in stock as special colors.

As such, you can now purchase Gray, Red, Brown, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, White, Gold, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Purple and Orange by clicking the Special Color blazer link.

None the less, we still do custom make blazers as embroiderers or stores need them.

If there is a specific color that you need, that we do not already show listed on any of our other pages, by all means, get in touch with us!


yellow blazer

  • Yellow

Made to order, these custom colored yellow blazers are beautifully cut.
Or we can make in your choice of colors!

Priced at $225.00(f) these blazers sell themselves!!!

Other blazers from Blazers R Us include:

  • Basic blazers Black or Navy Blue $79.00
  • Special colors Blazers in 12 Colors: Maroon (burgundy),   Brown, Red, Hunter green (dark green), Kelly green (bright green) Orange, Gold, Camel, Royal Blue and Purple $79.00 
    White or Gray $89.00
  • Pink Blazers Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Blazers avaiable for both Men and Women. Perfect for Work or Play. Sorority favorite! $89.00
  • Augusta Green blazers $95.00
  • Wool blazers 100% Wool Men's Blazers in Navy Blue. Single or Double Breasted or 100% Wool Men's Black Single Breasted, $129.85
  • Children's blazers Boy's and Girls blazers in Navy for $79.00. Red, Maroon (Burgundy), Black or Hunter Green for $79.00
  • Custom blazers (Yellow or any other color you can think of...) $225.00
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