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Wholesale Blazers for ASI/PPAI Promotional Product Distributors, Uniform and Clothing Stores, College Bookstores & Embroiderers



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Please note that orders are restricted to Uniform & Embroidery companies, bookstores, clothing retailers, and/or ASI & PPAI Distributors. If you are an end user, Blazers-R-Us will not sell to you.


NOTE: You do not have to use this particular form. As long as we understand your order, and it contains the information required, that's good enough. This form is merely a way of letting you know which information we need to process your order, but feel free to use your standard purchase orders if your prefer, just so long as you include the information asked for below:


Your Information:

Company Name
Contact Name
Bill-to address
Address line 2
City, State, Zip
Fax #
Payment info
If by c/card, include name on card, card#, exp date, cvv code and signature

Sales tax information: If you are in Florida, please provide your reseller sales tax exemption. If you are not in Florida then no need since we only have to file in Florida.

If your ship-to address / contact name or phone is different than what you wrote above for the bill-to, please be sure to let us know.




  • Purchase Order #

Please give us the information below for EACH COLOR of blazer that you are ordering. Remember that the cost of each blazer depends on which color it is:

  • Basic blazers Black or Navy Blue $79.00
  • Special colors Blazers in 12 Colors: Maroon (burgundy),   Brown, Red, Hunter green (dark green), Kelly green (bright green) Orange, Gold, Camel, Royal Blue and Purple $79.00 
    White or Gray $89.00
  • Pink Blazers Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Blazers avaiable for both Men and Women. Perfect for Work or Play. Sorority favorite! $89.00
  • Augusta Green blazers $95.00
  • Wool blazers 100% Wool Men's Blazers in Navy Blue. Single or Double Breasted or 100% Wool Men's Black Single Breasted, $129.85
  • Children's blazers Boy's and Girls blazers in Navy for $79.00. Red, Maroon (Burgundy), Black or Hunter Green for $79.00
  • Custom blazers (Yellow or any other color you can think of...) $225.00

    • NAME OF BLAZER (basic; special colors; designer colors; custom colors)



    Royal Blue Blazer
    Size/Quantity:  40 Regular/2;   42 Regular/10;   44 Short/1;   46 Long/2.
    TOTAL = 15 @ 79.00 = $1185.00 (E)



    blazer size chart



    Oversize Charges:

    Regular pricing is for Men's Blazers sizes 34-46 in Short, Regular or Long; and Women's Blazers sizes 0-18 in Petite, Missy (Regular) or Tall.
    For any Men's Blazers sizes 48 - 64, or Woman's blazers size 20 -30, or for Men's XL (EXTRA Long) please add the following oversize charges:

    men's blazers sizes 48 - 50 + $10.00
    women's blazers size 20 - 22 + $10.00
    men's blazers sizes 52 - 54 + $15.00
    women's blazers sizes 24 - 26 + $15.00
    men's blazers sizes 56 - 58 + $20.00
    women's blazer sizes 28 - 30 + $20.00
    men's blazers size 60 - 64 + $30.00
    men's blazers Extra Long+ $10.00




    Standard shipping (via UPS Ground) $249.00 or less we charge a flat $15.00 per order.
    For orders of $250.00 or more, we charge a 6% of order for shipping.
    We can also ship by air if needed but at a higher rate depending on service, weight of box and size of box.

    S/H __________


    Total _______


    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – things you want to make sure we know before shipping (write in below):


    c/o Saxon Uniform Network, Inc.
    234 9th Street
    Braddock, PA 15104

    send via Fax 412-273-3416 or Fax 561-431-8172
    Or Call us at 412-273-3417 or 412-422-4696

    You can also reach us by email at either

    blazersrus@gmail.com or sales@blazers-r-us.com



    Blazers R Us (https://Blazers-R-Us.com) is the wholesale division of Saxon Uniform Network, Inc. devoted to offering the best prices and widest selection of men's and women's matching blazers .

    If paying by check, please remit to Saxon Uniform Network.

    If paying by card, note that your statement will show the charge from "Saxon Uniform Network" rather than from "Blazer-R-Us".


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